Personalised Repetitive Strain Injury Analysis

This online RSI Analysis
is open to all individuals who want to know more about their pains, and the ergonomics of their workstations.

If this will be of use to you then please feel free to create an account and do the written part of the analysis. Once completed you will immediately see a summary of your responses.

Enhance your understanding by completing the 'written' part of this process. It is made up of questions and anatomical pain maps. The act of completing it makes you think in great detail and thus enhances your understanding. The unique anatomy maps will reveal your pattern of usage to you.

A full RSI analysis
consists of a report and observations about posture, workstation usage. Specific advice is given about your symptoms, how to avoid aggravating them, which sort of treatment if necessary and will sometimes recommend further investigations such as blood tests, MRI or nerve conduction tests.

Whether you are a computer worker, musician or carpenter
this online diagnostic process will let you know what you need to in order to eridicate or at least minimise your condition.

Paul Manley has helped
many computer workers, artists and craftsmen as well as classical and rock musicians with their various hand and forearm problems for over 35 years. It is often very easy to deduce the physical habits which are producing their pain 'maps'. Should you choose to pay for a full analysis, the combination of written part plus visual analysis, will be incredibly revealing.

Upload movies and images
of you in action at your workstation. Short movies are highly recommended due to the wealth of information that visual analysis reveals.

The process is simple,
create an account, do the survey and upload some movies or images. You can do the survey right now then come back later and upload your movies and images without incurring any fees whatsoever until you choose to say yes to this unique diagnostic process.


If you run a business with many employees and you wish to make this analysis available to them, please contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Please help to promote research into RSI
Your data will be stored anonymously for future research usage. This will build an enormous amount of information for medics and scientists to analyse and will benefit future generations of increasingly RSI prone humans.

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